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Table of Contents

Chapter 0 - Table of Contents, Preface, and Definition of Femboy
Chapter 1 - Commissioning Artwork
  • List Compilation
  • Considerations
  • Approaching Artists
  • Active Phase
  • The Ethical Ramifications of Brands
  • Facial Cosmetics: Overview
  • Facial Cosmetics: Basic Equipment
  • Facial Cosmetics: Basic Process
  • Secondary Items: Description and Process
  • Carrying Your Makeup
  • Devices Both Efficiently and Stylishly
  • Facial Dermal Care: Do NOT Ignore Acne!
  • Irrational Fear- Most Just Don't Give a Damn
  • Legwear: Many Variations For the Same Body Parts
  • Skirts and Related Concepts of Great Importance
  • Secondary Clothing and Accessories
  • Brief Note On Maintenance: Re-fluffing Fur and Defuzzing Clothes
  • Electrolysis
  • Waxing
  • Tweezer and Epilator
  • Depilatory Cream
  • Manual/Bladed Shaving
  • Electric Shaving
  • Laser
  • General Maintenance
  • Hair Augmentation- Ordinary
  • Hair Augmentation- Balding
  • Defense: General Overview and Core Truths
  • Methods of Defense
  • General Preparedness and Utility
  • Legal Concepts
  • Core Tactical and Strategic Concepts
  • Precautionary Tactics and Maneuvering
  • Early Stages of Conflict: Gather Evidence!
  • Early Stages of Conflict: Attempt to Prevent War!
  • Making a Formal Complaint With the Government
  • Demeanor and Character: Ignore These At Your Extreme Peril
  • Countering Attacks Based on Broniness/Furriness
  • The Home Front: FHA and the HUD Mechanism
  • Holding the Line in Magistrate/Small Claims Court
  • Beyond Magistrate/Small Claims Court
  • Conclusion

Foreword (11 April 2017)

This massive series of essays were written in April of 2016. I tend to learn, adapt, and improve very rapidly at this stage of my life, which means that though these were composed less than one year ago this evening, the quality is substantially lower than it would have been had I written them now. I have acquired much more information, gained much more literary proficiency, developed much more insight, lived or experienced many more events- in the preceding 12 months. I suppose what I'm trying to convey is my apologies for these documents being of substandard quality relative to my current abilities. If you've come here from the panels I have led of the same name, some of what you heard me recite is different or more refined than what you will read here, and I do apologize for that. This series was approximately 300k characters total, and I will need all of the available hours and days in the near future to further other fronts and attend to personal matters. Thus, this series will not be refined for a long time.

That being said, most of what I stated in all of these chapters is still correct, only perhaps not optimally communicated. What I communicated in the lectures was a very condensed version of this treatise. If you have the time and you find my expounding and theorizing to be informative and rewarding, these entries will probably be highly appealing and useful despite the disparity in quality then and now. I've gained a huge level of insight on interpersonal affairs and dynamics in the interim. And of course, Trump was elected and he's appointing the most anti-LGBT crackpots he can find. The parts which are most deficient are: the laws and presidential orders in Chapter 7, how to communicate with investigators and present cases in general in Chapter 8, my discrimination case saga in Chapters 7 and 8, and speaking with artists/arranging commissions in Chapter 1.


One of the things I excel at is imparting knowledge I have gained from research and direct experience. In fact, if I do enough of these treatises and start doing multiple panels, I might as well be called "Strategist-Professor"! As I have been openly a femboy to some degree for over two years now, I have acquired a substantial amount of experience and knowledge about the various aspects of this lifestyle. As I had no one to directly guide or advise me on the innumerable products and concepts, I had to conduct an extensive amount of experimentation and blundering to acquire the knowledge I now have, which is quite costly in various resources such as time, money, and mental energy. I very much wish to save as many aspiring femboys as possible such high levels of uncertainty, trepidation, and waste, and this is the main impetus for creating this journal entry and leading panels on the subject.

It is also my very great wish that through relaying my experience and through my mere presence, I will dispel much of the irrational fear of standing out that furries, bronies, femboys, and people in general possess. I see so many furries and bronies not wish to don such accessories even during their meets, and virtually every femboy I have come across will not crossdress outside of their home or special events. This fear of the consequences of non-conformity is generally excessive, destructive to a person's soul, and harms our society as a whole. Unreasonable fear is one of the great enemies of mankind, and I will assault that enemy with my limited means at every feasible opportunity. While I think this is merely a coincidence, I find it very fitting and opportune that I was compelled to craft and post this during not just a time of personal struggle with discrimination, but also a time of national struggle as so-called bathroom laws abruptly surged into our consciousness. It severely angers and affronts me to watch these so-called "limited government" fools across the South try to maladroitly regulate bathroom usage and simultaneously retaliate for their defeats in various other LGBT-related matters. There's already too much pathological aversion to causing discomfort over benign differences, and they are now attempting to intimidate the most vulnerable minorities back into their supposedly proper place? No, I will not allow more fear to be proliferated unchallenged! I shall be a beacon of hope and light for gender non-conforming people- especially the males who wish to feminize- during a time others attempt to propagate darkness and timidity!

Oh, yes, if/when I start leading panels on this or any other subject and you are there, you are very welcome to record the entire thing in audio or video format. In fact, I will remind everyone there to do this if possible so they may listen to it later, and also to present to anyone they know who wishes to listen/watch. I will be recording my panels via audio and will post them somewhere. Of course, you now know you will be subject to being recorded if you attend, though I can't imagine that would ever pose a problem for anyone. While we're on the general subject of promulgation, you are enthusiastically encouraged to share links to the treatise and to the more condensed verbal presentations wherever and whenever there is a need or desire, so long as it's done properly and within the decorum of the place or community.

I also wish to add, while this is centered on males who wish to have a feminine aura rather than MtF, this guide will be helpful to those transgender people who wish to fully present as female since most of what I expound here is also applicable to such a goal. I myself identify as genderqueer and am thus transgender, though I present as an effeminate male rather than female, and thus I do not have any first-paw familiarity with transitioning past the removal of facial hair.

This guide will be refined and augmented periodically as I acquire more experience on the various fields. While I have sufficient experience and knowledge in each major area to give at least a rudimentary explanation right now, I will continue to accrue experience and increase my ranges of familiarity, especially in such matters as hair, cosmetics, and discrimination. That knowledge which I do accrue, I will eventually incorporate into this series so all may benefit. If you have any questions on any part of this guide or the topic of being a femboy in general, feel free to ask me either here or in PMs.

Finally, to those who are outside the target audiences but found your way here anyway... If you are a femboy or aspirant femboy and you stumbled onto this despite being neither a brony nor a furry, the vast majority of this guide to being a femboy is applicable. Actually, I imagine a few of you won't be from either subculture and won't even intend to become a femboy at all, but stumbled onto here through a search on one of the constituent aspects/topics. If you're one of those stray arrivals, I still believe what I have will benefit you.  First and foremost, this treatise was fashioned with the goal of benefiting mankind in general, only the specialty is the realities and facets of being a femboy. You are welcome to ask me a question if you can reach me on any of the locations I frequent if I somehow failed to provide what you needed.

Definition of a Femboy

The definition of 'femboy' which is accurate in all but the very rarest of cases is: A male (either biological or psychological) who possesses a substantial number of feminine preferences and mannerisms. It is an extremely nebulous definition because there is an extraordinary level of variance in femboys. Some have short hair, some have long hair. Some choose not to wear skirts and dresses, some do. Some love to wear the stereotypical leg and arm warmers, some have other clothing preferences. Some prefer to dress in a sexually enticing manner, some prefer to be more conservative. Some are transgender (such as me), some identify fully as male, and a few are not even biologically male. Some prefer only male pronouns, some prefer female, some prefer either one (I am fine with being called feminine terms despite me being more or less cisgender). Some are introverted and meek, some are extroverted and bold. Some are very much bottoms, some are very much tops. Femboys are as diverse in appearance and personality as furries as a whole are.

The definition which encompasses the vast majority of femboys is: A biological male who dresses or wishes to dress effeminately, and has other stereotypically feminine preferences (plushies, pink, other adorable items, etc). Usually when you meet a femboy, if they are openly so, their most defining feature is a feminine manner of outfitting. Crop tops, women's jeans, skirts, dresses, arm/leg warmers, panties and other lingerie, purses, etc. Usually 'femboy' means feminine dress/accessorization most of all. I estimate 90% or more of self-professed femboys who are liberated often or usually outfit girlishly. Whether we are speaking of the fetish or the lifestyle meaning of the word, it usually comes down to clothing primarily. Thus, femboy is more or less synonymous with male crossdressing.

Of course, there is more to being a femboy than clothing generally. Usually a femboy does not like having visible facial hair, and so they will often seek to permanently remove it. Some femboys have somewhat wider hips than the norm, others wish they did. Many femboys have a voice which is at least somewhat softer than usual for a male, and probably most find a feminine or gay voice to be preferable. Many or most femboys have or wish they had feminine mannerisms such as hip-swaying. Of course, many or most have at least some interests which are considered feminine. Speaking of interests, I theorize that a major reason furries and bronies have such a high level of femboys and/or awareness of the concept compared to the general population is because the standard interests and features of those subcultures are indeed feminine. Plushies and adorable animals and MLP are feminine, so femboys will naturally gravitate towards those communities. Of course, the fact they are around 80% male also greatly bolsters the per capital level of femboys. Since these subcultures are also highly artistically inclined and LGBT-friendly, the draw for femboys is further amplified. Furrydom in particular seems to have a high level of both femboys and femboy awareness.

There is a popular perception of femboys which sometimes deviates from reality. Like all stereotypes, the ones for femboys are often or usually true, but not always. While the overwhelming majority of femboys are gay or bisexual, there are a few who are heterosexual or asexual. I don't know how many femboys are stereotypically libidinous, but I and another I know are not IRL (my fursona is extremely sexually active, though). Perhaps the majority of femboys are submissive bottoms, but some of us (me included) are dominant and prefer being on top (I actually don't like the idea of being the bottom in anal IRL at all). Some femboys are actually quite athletic and physically capable. Some femboys are IRL and/or IC well endowed. Some of us have very masculine interests (I have a military fixation and am a gamer when resources permit). Unfortunately, even amongst those who are fully accepting of transgender people and femboys and the like, occasionally they will expect us to be something we are not. This probably isn't a common occurrence, but this may be a cause for conflict which the average femboy should be prepared to contend with.


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